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At Rockhampton

sunny 35 °C

On Sunday the 8th Sep we went to the open air markets in the grounds of the Heritage Village. It was quite large – over 140 stalls.
We spent over 2 hours there and only purchased a small amount of vegetables and 2 cups of coffee. Gee we have good self-control.
Hiroe had a sit in an old Overland car which was on display and pretended that she was driving it.
There were quite a few rides for the young ones including a Cobb and Co coach and camel rides.
Hiroe noticed a wonderful view of the Moon and Evening Star so took a photo.

On Monday we visited Mount Archer which has wonderful views of Rockhampton and Yeppoon. As well, there was a large group of Grass Trees (blackboys) at one of the lookouts.
Next stop was at the Cities Botanic gardens to have a wander around including a look at the local zoo out there. These gardens are over 140 years old and a credit to the cities fathers.
There was a very nice and friendly wombat at the zoo
We had a look in the Catholic Cathedral and took a photo inside as well as one of Hiroe on the steps.
There are quite a number of statues of bulls all around Rockhampton (It’s the beef capital of Australia – well that’s what they claim).

Tuesday arrived and after exchanging a gas bottle for the caravn we drove to the local shopping centre in search of a chemist. Well after about 45 minutes we finally tracked one down then had to wait a further 40 minutes to have the prescriptions filled.
Next stop was to the heritage Train and steam tram station museum which was very interesting. The station was built in 1899.
We then went for a walk around the historic centre of Rockhampton. There are some very nice old building in the city.
After having lunch we drove to have a look at Kershaw Gardens. We had been here before and unfortunately these gardens are in pretty poor shape and lack of care is evident. Still we had a good time walking around.

Wednesday 11th Sep. This is to be our lst full day at Rockhampton so we decided to do the Capricorn Tourist drive out to Yeppoon etc. The first stop was at Yeppoon Beach for a couple of photos. There wasn't any surf whatsoever here.
We drove around the town then on to Rosslyn Bay to have a look at the marina there and also an interesting rock outcrop. You can see that this was sedimental rock which has been forced to tilt by an earth movement in the past.
Continuing on we came to Emu Park. We actually stayed here on the beach many many years ago. Everything is built up now. We visited the "Singing Ship" sculpture which was mad to commemorate Captain Cooks visit to the area in 1770.
We had lunch (fish and chips) before returning to Rockhampton and the caravan park. It is very hot today (35 deg C).

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Longreach to Rockhampton

sunny 29 °C

After a welcome rest of 4 days in Longreach and having caught up with Bob’s cousin and his family including Uncle Nip flying in from Ingham we left reasonably early on Thursday morning.
First stop was at the small town of Ilfracombe where we took some photos of Hiroe with a 3 seater bike and on an old tractor which used 4 Gallons of Petrol to the mile. The main street of Ilfracombe is littered with old machinery.
Took a photo of The Welcome Inn Hotel here as well
Onwards then to Barcaldine where the “Tree of Knowledge” once stood proudly. It is now dead (some say that the Liberal Party killed it). It is where the Australian labour Party had its beginnings.
There were over 600 motor cycles on the road doing a 5 day ride to raise funds for charity. We followed them most of the day from here.
We have camped for the nigh in a rest area at and even smaller town of Bogantungan. There were 28 hotels plus other attractions in this town when the railway was being constructed in the late 1800’s. Nowadays there is almost nothing and not one pub.
The old railway station (very small) is still here.
We left Bogantungan right on 8 o’clock and continued our journey eastward through Anakie to Emerald where we took a walk around part of the town including a stop for a photo of Hiroe outside the quite nice looking old railway station built in 1900.
After Emerald we drove on towards Blackwater and on the way saw a “Renovators Dream Home” so stopped to have an inspection but decided it was too far from the coast for a retirement house for us.
At Blackwater we stopped for lunch and a walk around the small Japanese garden here. They have used Australian plants including some Bottle Trees.
At the very small town of Comet we found the remains of a tree which Ludwig Leichhardt had carved “DIG” on it during his 1841 Exploration of the area.
We have stopped for the night in a rest area at Duaringa.
Next morning we drove the 100 km into Rockhampton and after visiting the Info Centre we booked into a caravan park. We will be here for the next 5 days. The scenery has started to green up here.

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Quilpie to Longreach

sunny 36 °C

We drove into Quilpie this morning and refuelled then visited the Catholic Church which has a wonderful alter and lectern made with opal.
wonderful alter and lectern made with opal.
We continued on the “The End of the Line” and took a photo of Hiroe there. This is the end of the rail line from Brisbane.2013_Aug_3..of_the_line.jpg
Next stop was to the local Info centre where as well as gaining some good data we filled the van with water. (well – the water tanks anyway). Opposite was the local hotel so took a photo here.
We then drove 7.5 km out of town on a very rough track to have a look at Baldy Top. Hiroe wouldn’t let me drive up with the caravan on so we had to park at the bottom and walk up.
The views from up here were very good, a 360 deg view all around.
Back on the road and we headed out for Windorah some 250 km south west. The road for most of the way was single lane bitumen (remember Barkley to Cape Crawford last year Pommy Bob?) which means that when meeting oncoming traffic someone has to get off onto the gravel. We did this most of the time so that rocks etc. wouldn’t be thrown up at us as vehicles passed.
The scenery along this stretch of road is pretty boring and as well as that it takes a lot of concentration where driving on such a narrow, and sometimes bumpy, road.
There were a few nice red sand hills on the way, nothing like around Birdsville but nice enough. Took a photo of Hiroe with one in the background.
We finally arrived at Coopers Creek and set up camp here for the night. There are pelicans on the water as well as other birds.
The following morning we drove the 10km into Windorah and on the way came across a solar power plant which almost supplies all of the town’s energy.
There was an interesting sign just before the town letting folk know that if they missed this hotel – it was a long way to the next one.
We had a look at some red hills just the other side of Windorah, on the way to Birdsville but nothing really spectacular.
A visit to the local Info Centre and next to it was a slab hut which had been moved here.
Onwards then to Jundah but along the way was quite boring with almost nothing to be seen.
Jundah has some nice entry signs to the town but not very much more to talk about or to photograph.
About 30km north of the town we came across a Native Well so we had to stop and take a photo.
Continuing on we came across the very small town of Stonehenge and after a bit of discussion we refuelled and decided to spend the night here in the self-registration caravan park which supplies power and water with hot showers for $10.00 a night. Hiroe fed some nice looking Top Knot Pigeons here – they don’t seem to be afraid of humans at all.
After a nice quiet night at Stonehenge we left towards Longreach. Not far out of town we came across one of (about the only) the things Stonehenge is noted for. Lots of stones a folk have used them to write their names on the side of the road so we added to them.
Further down the track we saw a gateway into “NOWHERE” so took a photo of Hiroe opening a closing the gate.
The road here is very narrow and the oncoming traffic refuses to move over causing us to have to get right off the road into the rough. When we finally reach Longreach we discovered that the rough treatment has broken the torsion bars on the caravans suspension so will have to get it fixed. As it turned out Bob has a cousin here who's job is as a welder so we spent Monday with him snd his wife while performed the necessary repairs to the van.

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Morven to Quilpie

sunny 34 °C

The village of Morven consists of 250 people, a Pub, a general store and a Police Station with lockup. Don't know where all the criminals come from.
There are quite a few very old houses in the town - some of them obviously not lived in.
We did a short walk around town and found an old steam traction engine so took a photo with Hiroe.
The campground here has a lot of customers, including some folk on a "follow me" tour.
We were visited by a female kangaroo and a joey in her pouch just before sunset.
The local rugby field sure leaves a lot to be desired. Dalton (grandson) - can you imagine doing a slide into touch on this ground. Must be very hard on the players skin.

We left Morven Thursday morning after a very good sleep and drove to Charleville which is the second largest town in the west of Queensland after Longreach. We visited the Info Centre refuelled and did a little grocery shopping before leaving to have lunch at a roadside stop about 30km west of town.
On the way we came across a sign listing the road we were on as the longest road in Australia. (Doesn't include Highways etc)
Continuing west we came across a very small town of Cooladdi - population 4. All that is here is a shop which covers everything - fuel groceries, motel, hotel take away food etc.
The railway station building was moved to the towns (?) tennis court however the courts have been overgrown with weeds and no longer in use.
Next stop was Cheepie which once had a reasonable population - today only 1. There was a Police Station, blacksmith, tent boarding houses, a butcher shop, a bakery and 2 organic vegetable gardens. Today all that remains is a residence come post office (closed today) and the old railway station. Cheepie was once the end of the rail from Brisbane before the line was extended to Quilpie.
We drove on to 1 km from Quilpie (population 654) and have camped on the banks of the Bulloo River for the night.
You might wonder what we are doing out here in the middle of nowhere - We have never been west of Charleville on this road so thats why. It has to be done.
なぜこんな辺鄙なところでキャラバン旅行しているのかと思われると思いますが理由は簡単、今までチャーリビルの町から西 には来たことがないからです。、

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Mitchell to Morven in Queensland

A huge drive of 84 kms

sunny 24 °C

We spent a wonderful 4 days on the bank of the Neil Turner Weir at Mitchell. It was very relaxing.
The Inverter we used to change 12v to 240 for charging the telephone laptop etc and to run the TV decided to die so on Monday we drove 86 km to Roma to purchase a new one. (None suitable could be found in Mitchell). We also went the the court house in Roma and pre poll voted for the coming Federal Election since we wont be home in time.
The area around here is in severe drought, the fields are brown and there is no water in any of the roadside dams. Huge herds of cattle are being driven by drovers on horses to eat what feed there is along the roadside (It's called the "Long Paddock"). We came across a herd of well over 500 crossing the road on our way back from Roma.
Tuesday was a rest day at neil Turner Weir We spent most of the day looking at the water and birds and reading books.
Late in the afternoon after all wind had died down, the water became very smooth and the reflections were great.
On Wednesday (28th August) we drove a short distance to the small village of Morven where we will camp for the night. It reqires a "Donation" of $5.00 for electricity and water with hot showers for the night. Pretty cheap.

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